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TelAdvocate Communications announces the launching of their new interactive website. "The new website embodies the depth of our service offerings as well as our uncompromising committment to customer satisfaction" said Michael Boland, President of TelAdvocate. "I am excited about the new site and I believe our customers and partners will appreciate the value of our online presence".

Why TelAdvocate

Industry changes have created a tremendous need for independent, impartial, and knowledgeable telecommunications consulting services.


•  Telecommunication has now jumped into a top 3 line item for most companies.

•  Aberdeen Group and Gartner Group, both industry leaders in Telecommunications research, estimates that 14% of telecom invoices are erroneous and most bills are riddled with errors.

•  Service and support among small and medium sized customers has been moved to call centers, sometimes offshore, contributing to a deteriorating service experience.

•  Constant change in government regulations and compliance requirements have increased the workload for IT departments.

•  Constant changes in technology, pricing, products, and service offerings have created confusion.

•  Mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcies, and scandals have destabilized the industry and created widespread mistrust.

•  Our Independent and Impartial Position 
Below is a table that compares TelAdvocate's position to your phone company and/or voice and data provider.



Reduce client network spending

Increase client network spending

Provide client with multiple vendor choices

Provide client with one vendor choice- the phone company

Improve client bottom line

Improve phone company bottom line

Protect client with pricing, terms, and conditions

Protect phone company with pricing terms and conditions

Provide value to client that can be measured in savings and efficiency

Provide value to shareholders that can be measured in share price

Create meaningful long term relationships by providing the consistent service and support from the same people year after year

Re-assign, layoff, and reduce service support on a regular basis to meet company financial objectives

No sales quota pressure and no Shareholders.   We are focused on helping our clients meet their goals and are not beholden to outside pressure from management or shareholders

Intense pressure to 'hit numbers" from management and shareholders reducing focus on client needs

Provide well-trained industry veterans, with a minimum of 10 years experience, to manage and service your account

Move you to a call center to save money if you are spending less that $20,000 per month, sometimes even offshore

We have over 13 years experience negotiating contracts on behalf of the nation's largest telecommunications carriers.

We are independent of any single carrier or solution.

We provide the widest selection of products and services at the best prices from the most respected carriers and suppliers in the telecommunications industry.

We prove the savings in writing.

We manage and maintain your account for the life of our agreement with consistent and experienced support.