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TelAdvocate Communications announces the launching of their new interactive website. "The new website embodies the depth of our service offerings as well as our uncompromising committment to customer satisfaction" said Michael Boland, President of TelAdvocate. "I am excited about the new site and I believe our customers and partners will appreciate the value of our online presence".

Our Services

TEM Services - TelAdvocate's primary objective is to provide measurable results to your organization's bottom line; therefore Telecom Expense Management is at the forefront of what we do and who we are.

Carrier Selection/Migration
Optimization Services
Contract Negotiation

Consulting - At TelAdvocate, we believe that desired results can only be achieved with a carefully thought out and well executed plan.   We focus our planning around your organization's key goals and strategic objectives.   We map out the entire plan and then get your approval before we begin the implementation phase.

Strategy Development
Project Planning
Network Design
Risk Mitigation

Outsourcing - Many companies are looking for ways to focus on their core business, increase efficiencies, and reduce overhead expenses.   Whether you are looking to outsource IT management or get support on a special project, TelAdvocate helps you identify and take advantage of opportunities in this emerging area.  

Procurement Support
RFP/RFI Development
Special Projects


Carrier Selection/Migration - While TelAdvocate maintains relationships with all the major telecommunications companies, we remain totally independent of any single solution or supplier.   We provide the widest selection of products and services from the most respected carriers to provide you with the perfect solution for your business at the best price.   With TelAdvocate Carrier Selection and Migration Service , every client is provided a written proposal from a minimum of three carriers complete with an executive summary highlighting our findings and detailing our recommendations.   Once a decision is made, we handle all the paperwork and professionally project-manage the migration to your new provider.

Optimization Service- With industry leading advisory services Gartner Group and Aberdeen Group both estimating telecommunications billing errors as high as 14% of the average telecommunications invoice, the need for professional and experienced telecommunications consulting has never been greater.   Collectively, we aim to save you between 15% -50% on your overall monthly communications spending.   TelAdvocate will insure that you get the most out of your telecommunications vendors with our 7 step Optimization Service:


  • Step 1, we begin with a detailed inventory of every penny of your telecommunications spending, including voice, data, wireless and CPE.  
  • Step 2 , we consult with you to determine areas of redundant or duplicating services, oversubscription, un-needed or outdated services.  
  • Step 3 , we gather and review all of your contracts against your current billing to uncover any inaccurate or erroneous billing.    
  • Step 4, we evaluate the products and services you are using to determine if there is a less expensive way to meet your needs while improving your network performance.   
  • Step 5 , we evaluate all of the rates that you are paying against our established industry benchmarks.  
  • Step 6 , we provide an executive summary detailing the results of our analysis and highlighting our recommendations.  
  • Step 7 , we professionally project manage the implementation of your approved changes.  

Audit/Inventory- TelAdvocate professional Audit and Inventory Service is the foundational step towards the implementation of effective Telecom Expense Management strategy.   We inventory and document every penny of your telecommunications spending, including your voice, data, wireless, and CPE.   We organize and itemize every expense by cataloging your contracts, pulling your CSR's, analyzing your invoices, and contacting your carriers for supporting information as needed.   Our Audit and Inventory Service is detailed, comprehensive, and accurate.

Contract Negotiation- TelAdvocate Contract Negotiation Service insures that your company receives the most favorable terms, conditions, and pricing written into your carrier contracts.   TelAdvocate leverages the unique knowledge obtained from over 13 years of negotiating contracts on behalf of the Nation's largest telecommunications providers.   We insure that you get the language that protects your interests, limits your risk, maximizes your flexibility, and gets you the best deal.     We understand the market for each service and how and where to get the exact service you are seeking at the absolute best price.   Simply put, we know how to run a successful negotiation with the carriers.   We understand their unique cultures, we know their behaviors and tendencies, and we know who to talk to at the critical stages of negotiation to achieve the best result.

Strategy Development- TelAdvocate begins every consulting engagement with an in depth discovery and information gathering process.   We take the time to learn everything about your business challenges, goals, and objectives.   Before providing a plan, we scrutinize every aspect of what you are trying to achieve.   Our Strategy Development Service is built to help you maximize profits, increase your efficiency, and help you grow your business.   We help you develop a strategy for building, procuring, and implementing a network that supports your business goals and objectives.   Our strategy is developed within the parameters of your budget, timelines, and critical applications.

Project Planning - At TelAdvocate we believe that planning is the key to achieving success with any project we manage.   With our Project Planning Service, our clients receive a written project plan that details every aspect of your project.

Network Design -    At TelAdvocate we have experience with virtually every type of network architecture.   TelAdvocate provides Network Design Service to every client.   Whether you are looking for a backup satellite network or a primary MPLS network, we provide a detailed design that considers all of your applications and accounts for every contingency.   Our designs reflect our careful consideration of your goals and objectives as well as, our knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Risk Mitigation- The telecommunication's landscape is a minefield of risks and potential pitfalls.   Telecommunications purchasing is the epitome of a "buyer beware" environment.   Too often companies are only told about the benefits of a particular product, service, or solution, leaving the risks undisclosed or inadequately explained.   An equally alarming common practice is the drafting of one-sided contracts replete with unfavorable hidden clauses.    At TelAdvocate, we have over 13 years of experience negotiating contracts on behalf of the Nation's largest telecommunications companies.   Our "inside" knowledge of the carrier environment provides us with a unique understanding of the unequal balance that often exists between carriers and customers.   The carriers take every precaution to minimize their risks; we believe you should do the same.   Our Risk Mitigation Service insures that you understand every aspect of the risks and commitments you are undertaking.   We insure that you are optimally positioned with the services and agreements that are tailored to the risk levels that you are comfortable with.

Telemanagement-    As the cost of highly skilled full-time employees with benefit packages continues to rise, Outsourcing has become a smart and beneficial alternative for many fast growing companies.   Outsourcing is a powerful way to achieve your objectives without the expense of full-time salaried IT manager.   Select clients may choose to outsource their IT management to TelAdvocate.   With Telemanagement , TelAdvocate will take over agreed upon responsibilities, perform duties as mutually determined, and accomplish a list of activities as they pertain to your specifications.   At TelAdvocate, we believe that the right client can achieve outstanding results and receive enormous benefits from an Outsourcing arrangement.    We work with you to carefully assess whether Outsourcing would benefit your organization.

Procurement Support-    With TelAdvocate Procurement Support Service, we can play a leading role or just be part of your purchasing team as you embark on a major purchase.   Our goal is to help you make the wisest decision by selecting the best product or service for the best overall value.  

RFP/RFI Development - TelAdvocate provides custom Request for Proposal (RFP) and Request for Information (RFI) documents specifically directed towards getting the information, assurances, and guarantees that your business needs to make the best purchasing decision.

Special Projects- TelAdvocate is interested in supporting your organization in any way where our qualifications, expertise, and experience would help you achieve your goals and objectives.   We are open to engaging in Special Projects on an individual case basis.   We want to hear about your project and together we can determine if TelAdvocate can assist.